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This is truly scary - this is new ground

I think anyone who knows of this:

and doesn't understand that this country is really just about finished - barring something nearly miraculous at this point - just doesn't understand what's going on.

Mish's article failed to note that there is evidence that the WH is actually the source of the unlawful detainment provision, meaning O is a preposterous hypocrite for voicing "concern" over the measure:


Insanity On Top Of Insanity

What an interesting story this is - one that illustrates perhaps about as well as possible the absolute insanity at the root of our culture of death.

A woman is almost prosecuted for putting a live fetus - that is, a baby - into a bag and leaving it to die.  So far, so good - that is a heinous crime against God and humanity.  But the reason she was put in the "predicament" that caused her to take this action was that the abortionist who was to have "completed" the abortion (presumably after labor-inducing drugs were given) was MIA.  If the abortionist had been present this would have been just a typical second-trimester abortion in America, something that occurs hundreds of times a day, every day. 

If the abortionist had been there to burn the baby to death or stick a scissors in her head, business as usual, and nothing to see here (for most of us).  But because he was not, and the baby was placed in a plastic bag to die on her own, 44 members of the Florida House were outraged enough to demand prosecution - which eventually failed to occur anyway.

You just can't get much more insane than this.


Malthusian Nonsense

How tired I get of hearing & reading over & over again about our pressing "population problem".  It's just amazing how many people have been taken in by this nonsense and proves just how easy it is to influence the masses - even smart and educated people.

How many people is too many?  The fact is that we are absolutely nowhere near the population density this planet can support.  Food shortages are essentially always the result of either short-term weather anomalies or (more often) political machinations.

I happen to be a pilot and shortly after I started flying I was struck by the NOTHINGNESS that covers the vast, vast majority of this country (95%+).  Once you are outside of the population centers - cities and their burbs - there's just nothing but open land.  And the same goes as well for western Europe - Italy, Spain - with much higher overall population density.  Get on a train, get out of the city, and there's nothing.

The entire notion of overpopulation was created by western interests concerned with the native populations of 2nd and 3rd world countries using their natural resources for themselves instead of exporting them to their neo-colonial masters.  Read Enghal's "A Century of War" for starters.  And then fueled by the culture of death movement that sees human beings as intrinsically evil.


Truth Hurts


The craziness in Madison!

Like everyone else I have been observing the goings-on in Madison this past week.  It's disconcerting to see such a firestorm over what really is nothing more than some sane and appropriate measures to rein-in out-of-control public spending.

As usual, we see sharp division along largely artificial lines, with people treating practical matters as absolutes.  In some societies and at some level unions have certainly done good, and capitalism run amok (which ends up not being a free market at all) can indeed create injustices.  These are practical matters, not absolutes.

I do believe that these hard "left/right" distinctions between capital & labor obscure the most important issue, which is that in our "democratic capitalistic" society the end result is exactly the same as communism in one important way: the wealth ends up concentrated at the top.  This was spoken to eloquently by that most excellent Catholic thinker G.K. Chesterton.  And here's where I lose all my Republican fans, I know, but it's the truth.  The reason those on the bottom have so much to complain about is that the true middle class is dwindling with the top 1% taking a greater portion of the pie every year.  These are easily verifiable facts.  The disparity in income/wealth between the top & bottom keeps growing by every measure taken.  CEO vs. worker compensation is one such statistic.

But here's the problem with what's going on in Madison right now:

1) It's producing and surrounded by lies.  Most people don't even understand what's going on because of the lies.  Collective bargaining is not a right for public employees.  It never has been.  The people asserting this are delusional or liars.  Collective bargaining for public unions results in gross conflict of interest because essentially the taxpayer has no representative - politicians elected by union money are on their side.  This is why even FDR recognized such a situation as unworkable.

2) Overall these public employees have it much better than the private sector - the taxpayers that pay for their salary, benefits, and pensions.  Period.  This talk of the union having been ready to "make concessions" is crap.  They never are.  I have read literally dozens of stories in the last couple years of public unions doing every single thing they can (including sacrificing young workers) to keep their core workers from losing one cent of their fat benefits and pensions to cities, counties, and states that have been bled dry.  The good that unions do theoretically has no place in this situation.  The pendulum has swung in the other direction.  And the union bosses have grabbed it at the top of the arc and aren't letting go.