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There's almost no doubt we really are at a "point of no return".

The next one to two years are certainly going to be interesting.

And - "a former Reagan administration budget director" calls for massive military cuts.  Of course, that, along with massive entitlement cuts (that will undoubtedly cause untold misery in the short-term at least, due to the fact of the great and unjust wealth disparity that exists) are absolutely necessary if the nation's headlong course to total fiscal insolvency is to be altered.  This is the part some of us Republicans hate to think about - but it's time to dismantle our International Democracy-Exporting Machine and stop the wars that have accomplished little good, killed untold civilians, and don't meet Christian Just War criteria.


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I'd come across some of this before but not all of it.  Sobering stuff.




Every time I take any drive (or flight) of any distance I am struck by the fact that once one gets outside the population centers - which are geographically *tiny* - there is nothing, nothing, nothing but open land!  Fields and trees and occasional small towns (only along major roadways, of course).  It is exactly the same in Europe - I've criss-crossed Italy in a train and 95% of the country is simply empty.  There is no area of the world with higher overall population density then western Europe as a whole.  And yet so many buy this fairy tale (with an agenda) that the planet is "dangerously overpopulated". 

The myth comes from essentially two sources, on the surface about as disparate as they come:

1) In the 1970s the United States government, under the heavy influence of the oil industry, made reducing the population of second- and third-world nations a national security priority.  It was decided that bourgeoning local populations would eventually wrest nations from Western influence (and control) and deny the United States natural resources.  This is where programs like stealthy, forced sterilization via vaccines administered by the U.N.'s World Health Organization came from.  One can read about such programs - fully declassified - in William Enghal's A Century of War among other places.

2) The "environmental" movement, of course, perpetuates as part of its religion the tenet that the human species is "destroying" the Earth (treated as a pagan goddess) and is thus "evil".

I said these two influences are "seemingly" disparate because, actually, the first begat the second.