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This is a week late (except for the last few).

I think these two articles explain the current political-economic situation extremely well:

(I don't know too much about the Zero Hedge writer but he seems to me to have keen insight and espouse the type of "sane libertarianism" (as I might call it) that is compatible with Judeo-Christian ethics).

Mish has had some extremely good reads lately concerning the corruption of the very fat public unions.  As everyone is probably aware, the fact is that those working in public unions in general have pay, guaranteed pay raises, and pensions that are astounding by any measure and make 90% of the private sector look pathetic.  This just can't continue for it is breaking the backs of many states and municipalities.  (For but one recent example, the average garbage man in LA makes $110,000/year total compensation with 80 or 90% of that in retirement!)  Of course, Mish has a lot of insightful comments about corrupt financial system as well.

This was also an enjoyable quick & light read:

(Warning: some foul language.  Other warning: Tons of stuff on Alternet is pure crap.)

As I have said this before, a hundred times, along with many orthodox Catholics and other Christians, what a shame it is that neither political party/political ideology completely or even adequately represents Christian morality and doctrine.  On the 'left', we have people who understand some 'social justice' issues but turn a blind eye to the slaughter of innocent human life in the womb (or outside of it in many cases) and have no respect for sexual morality - which is of course absolutely critical to the spiritual life.  On the 'right', we have huge numbers of good Christians whose hearts are in the right places but who are oblivious to the evils of corporatism and other large-scale socio-economic evils that effectively deny basic rights and equality to millions. 

(It should be pointed out that the latter 'failure' is usually just a practical matter - a lack of knowledge, or misunderstanding.  On the other hand, there is no excuse for ignoring the monumental evils of the anti-life philosophy.  People who cannot see intuitively the intrinsic evil in abortion and, for that matter, in homosexual behavior have no spiritual grounding; we must conclude they are spiritual infants.  They have 'eyes, but do not see; ears, but do not hear'.)

One should not say 'politics is politics and religion is religion' because, of course, they are part of the same whole.  Christianity is life and politics is life.  This is why the Church has been involved in 'politics' since Its days of speaking out against abortion, infanticide, homosexual behavior and promiscuity in the 2nd-century Roman Empire and why the Catholic Church has extensive teachings about not only these issues but social justice issues as well.  The principle of subsidiarity - essentially that local control is always preferable to global control - is a key Catholic social principle and was cited by several bishops and theologians as the fundamental objection in principle to the government's health-care takeover (outside of even more glaring and deeper evils).

I'm sure everybody heard about this:

This is interesting (though it's not really possible to draw any conclusions from it):

Good short read on the climate change religion:

A couple WND must-reads:

(The 'Southern Poverty Law Center' has long been a group of intolerant Christophobics, of course.)

(Sadly, the Girl Scouts have been run by radical feminists for years now and that is why they are not opposed.)

This is good:

Unfortunately this is pretty much all true:

(Warning: foul language.  2nd Warning: Very disturbing content in #10!  Best to skip that one!)


(Look towards the bottom.)

Of course that should not be a surprise to anyone.

Pray for the souls of his murderers (which include his mother):

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