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A Coming Together?


I just read this entire article.  It's little more than a propaganda piece, built around obscuring the sad fact that Chick-Fil-A has apparently caved-in to the forces of perversion. 

Regarding the bullying alleged in the early parts of the article: if true, yes, of course, this is wrong.  It strikes me as odd that none of the people I know who oppose the gay agenda behave is such a fashion, yet it is always alleged to be so ubiquitous.

We do know that there is a great amount of bullying and the vilest of hate directed toward those who defend truth and morality regarding this issue.  One could start with Dan Savage's outbursts of hatred and threats, or the little old lady holding a sign in San Francisco who was intimidated and threatened a few years ago, or the shooter at the Family Research Council recently, or any of the other of dozens of well-documented cases I've read of in the last several years (not to mention what I've seen).

This article, true to our modern form of sophistry and confusion, masks the real questions by confusing objective with the subjective, and sin with people.

Although this is touted as a coming-together, the author's position certainly hasn't budged: he is committed to the full normalization and forced acceptance of all LGBT lifestyles including the redefinition of marriage (which does directly imply coercion by the state in a number of contexts).

What apparently *has* changed is that Chick-Fil-A has abandoned their courageous stance.  The jury is still out, for this was alleged once before, but if the material in the article is accurate than what they have done is to pull support from groups that are on the front-lines in this critical cultural battle.

It is so very sad to see a soul such as this author ensnared in this unnatural vice.  For that is what it is.  To hear him speak of his "husband" - one needs to be have lost sight of reality to not be bowled-over by the sheer nuttiness of it.

He remarks near the end that their two "worlds" can "coexist peacefully".  Maybe the worlds of Chick-Fil-A and the redefinition of marriage now can, but the latter does not coexist peacefully with God.