Catholic Apologetics

Though there are those Catholics (and lots of other Christians) who spend too much time "searching" for the miraculous (especially "chasing apparitions"), the miraculous definitely exists and there are obvious reasons why God gives us miracles: to strengthen our faith, and to display His seal of approval on the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, where the vast majority of at least certain types of miracles do occur.

They are also a wonderful, powerful reminder of God's infinite power and infinite care for us.  They are all beautiful and moving, some of them incredibly so. They are gifts to be appreciated and to allow us to appreciate God even more.

A few words about the Church and miracles.  First, the Church tends to take a very conservative approach, not giving formal approval until years have passed and intensive study conducted.  Second, belief in miracles - private revelations - is never mandatory.  It is not demanded of the faithful.  They are not matters of doctrine or dogma.

Here are a couple of documents that discuss these things:

The first set of links below regard miracles involving the Holy Eucharist.  Some of them are some of the most awe-inspiring imaginable, to me at least. 

Here are the links:

(My wife & I have visited the holy miracle at Lanciano and it was indeed one of the most beautiful and incredible experiences of my life!)

Here's some more great and inspiring information and items of interest (see "More On Eucharistic Miracles And Other Related Topics" half-way down):

Here are some good links regarding incorrupt bodies:

And now a few parting words regarding this phenomenon.  I witnessed something rather curious in several attempts to (very humbly and invitingly, I think) share some information about such things with fundamentalist friends: a completely lack of interest, or outright refusal, to listen/hear.  The logic is generally something along the lines of "I can't believe in the Catholic Church and so I will not view any information regarding miracles of the Church because it cannot possibly be true".  I find it a bit difficult to see how any person not afraid of the truth could be comfortable with such obviously circular logic - the miracles may well provide evidence that some convictions are, in fact, false.

A few brief words about one particular objection - a statue of Christ crying tears of blood can't possibly come from God because, well, that'd be 'idolatry'!  This is nonsensical, un-Biblical theology.  The OT prohibition against idolatry was, of course, the WORSHIPPING of icons and images.  Nowhere is the MAKING of images of anything divine prohibited.  Just a few short pages later (Exod 25:10-22), God gives instructions to adorn the ark with angelic statues - "Make one cherub at one end, and the other cherub at the other end...".  Likewise, once again, we know that icons and images were a part of Christian worship to the very earliest Church.  These holy images enhance our faith and bring us closer to Christ.  The images are not worshipped themselves and have no value in and of themselves.  The notion of a prohibition against making holy images is a Protestant invention, and to support it, one must engage in that ubiquitous Protestant practice of ignoring the body of Scripture that doesn't fit with the (new) theology.  As well as the history of Christianity from apostolic times.